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Key publications

- Taherian A.R., Lacasse P., Bisakowski B., Pelletier M., Lanctôt S., Fustier P. (2017). Rheological and thermogelling properties of commercials chitosan/β-glycerophosphate: retention of hydrogel in water, milk and UF-milk. Food hydrocolloids, 63, 635-645.


- Lanctôt S., Fustier P., Taherian A. R., Bisakowski B., Zhao X.,and Lacasse P. (2017). Effect of intramammary infusion of chitosan hydrogels at drying-off on bovine mammary gland involution. J Dairy Sci.,100 (3): 2269-2281.


- Taherian A.R., Lacasse P., Bisakowski B., Pelletier M., Fustier P. (2017) A comparative study on rheological and thermosgelling properties of chitosan/PVA hydrogel neutralized with β-Glycerophosphate or sodium bicarbonate. Submitted to Journal of Food Engineering.


- Taherian A.R.* and Ramaswamy H.S., (2017). Effect of container profile and rotational processing on texture of root vegetables. Submitted to International Journal of Food Properties.


- Fustier, P., Achouri, A., Taherian, A.R., Britten, M., Pelletier, M., Sabik, H., Villeneuve, S., Mondor, M (2015). Protein-Protein Multilayer Oil-in-Water Emulsions for the Microencapsulation of Flaxseed Oil: Effect of Whey and Fish Gelatin Concentration. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Volume 63, Issue 42, 28, Pages 9239-9250


- Rezvani E., SchleiningG., Sümen G., Taherian A.R.* (2013). Assessment of physical and mechanical properties of sodium caseinate and stearic acid based film-forming emulsions and edible films. Journal of Food Engineering (In Press), doi: 10.1016 /j.jfoodeng.2012.12.039.


- Taherian A.R.*, Mondor M., Lamarche F. (2012). Enhancing nutritional values and functional properties of yellow pea protein via membrane processing. Chapter 1: in;Peas Cultivation, Varieties and Nutritional Uses. ED: Comstock A.C. and Lothrop B.E., Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York.


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- Koocheki A., Taherian A.R*., Bostan A. (2012). Studies on the steady shear flow behavior and functional properties of Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum. Food Research International, In Press: doi:10.1016/j.foodres.2011.05.002 Available on line.


- Moosavi-Nasab M.*, Taherian A.R.*, Farahnaky A., Askari H., Bakhtiyari M. (2012). Structure and rheological properties of succinoglycan biogum produced from date syrup using Agrobacterium radiobacter. Food Bioprocess Technology, In Press; DOI 10.1007/s11947-010-0407-4, Available on line.


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- Taherian* A.R., 2010. Author of the book entitled "Replacement of regulated weighting agents in beverage emulsions, Lambert publication, Germany, New York.


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