Alexandra Blair, PhD


Knowledge mobilization, research and analysis on key public health issues in the Quebec region, including the social determinants of health, infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance, stigma, sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), zoonotic diseases and climate change.

Research expertise in public health, social epidemiology and biostatistics, with specialization on health inequities, and program and policy evaluation.

Key publications



A. Blair, Louise Marryat, John Frank. How community resources mitigate the effects of household poverty on adverse childhood experience. International Journal of Public Health
A. Blair, Lise Gauvin, Samiratou Ouédraogo, Geetanjali D. Datta. Area-level income and colorectal cancer screening among urban-dwelling Canadians. Current Oncology

A. Blair, Lise Gauvin, Mireille Schnitzer, Geetanjali D. Datta. The role of access to a primary care physician in mediating immigration-based disparities in colorectal screening. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention


A. Blair, Arjumand Siddiqi, John Frank. Canadian report card on investments in health equity across the life-course: Analysis of time trends and cross-national comparisons with the UK. Social Science & Medicine – Population Health
G. Datta, A. Blair, Marie-Hélène Mayrand, Marie-Pierre Sylvestre, Lise Gauvin. Cervical cancer screening in Montreal: A cross-sectional study building evidence to support primary care and policy interventions. Preventive Medicine.


Oskoui M., Messerlian C., Blair, A., Gamache, P., Shevell, M. Variation in cerebral palsy profile by socio-economic status. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology.

Blair, A. Geneviève Gariepy, Norbert Schmitz. The longitudinal effects of neighborhood social and material deprivation change on psychological distress in urban, community-dwelling Canadian adults. Public Health.


Gariepy, G., Kaufman, J.S., Blair, A., Kestens, Y., Schmitz, A. Place and health in diabetes: The neighborhood environment and risk of depression in adults with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetic Medicine.

Gariepy, G., A. Blair, Y. Kestens, B. Thombs, J. S. Kaufman, N. Schmitz. Neighbourhood characteristics and 10-year risk of depression in Canadian adults with and without a chronic illness. Health & Place.

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