Alexander (Sandy) D. McCracken

Research Scientist


Natural Resources Canada

Current research and/or projects

My specialty is on the evolution of Ordovician to Devonian conodonts, and with this I determine the geological age of the rocks where these extinct marine microfossils occur. Conodonts are also useful for determining the paleoenvironment and paleogeography of marine basins, and the thermal history of rocks. Knowing as much as we can about sedimentary basins gives us a better understanding of where potential resources may occur. These resources include not only oil and gas, but also minerals such as zinc, lead and diamonds.

Research and/or project statements


The study of the Ordovician and Silurian conodonts of the sedimentary basins of the Hudson Bay, James Bay, and Ungava Bay areas.

The use of conodont research in support of geological mapping in Canada by colleagues at the GSC and other Canadian geological surveys.

Professional activities / interests

I am a member of the Geological Association of Canada and its Paleontology Division since 1975. Through this Association, I’ve been involved in the monograph series Palaeontographica Canadiana (now preparing for the publication of its 35th volume) since 1992 and the annual Canadian Paleontology Conference (since 1991), amongst other programs.

In Calgary, I’ve been active in outreach – Treasurer of the Calgary Science Network for several years, and one of the organizers for the GSC Calgary’s Rock ‘N’ Fossil Road Show that we hold at different Calgary Public Libraries every year.

Education and awards

PhD in Geology, University of Western Ontario, 1985.

Key publications

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