Alebachew Demoz

Research Scientist

Specialize in research to convert oil sand tailings to trafficable landscape

Current research and/or projects


I am a physical scientist working in oil sands processing covering extraction and management of the mining tailings waste since 2007. For most of the earlier times starting from 1994, I conducted industry sponsored research on the mitigation and measurement of internal corrosion of upstream oil and gas pipelines. These studies have served as the basis for the inclusion in ASTM of four standards dealing with corrosion testing. I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Ph.D. in 1994 and did my earlier studies at the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. 

Research and/or project statements

Current Research Projects:

  • Conversion of oil sand fines in to trafficable deposits.
  • Dewatering and solid-liquid separation of mature fine tails.
  • Rheological characterization of multiphase materials.

Professional activities / interests

Areas of Expertise:

  • Oil sand extraction and processing.
  • Oil sand mine solids waste management.
  • Mixing for peak dewatering of fine tails.
  • Instrumentation and data acquisition for physiochemical analysis.

Education and awards

Ph.D. (Field effect ion selective chemical sensors) from the University of Alberta, 1994.

Technology Transfer team award from the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Petroleum, 2003.

Key publications

  1. Demoz A, Scaling inline static mixers for oil sand mature fine tailings flocculation; Amer. Inst. Chem. Eng. J. (AIChE) 60 (2015) 4402 – 4411. DOI 10.1002/aic.14958

  2. Demoz A, Mikula RJ, Role of mixing energy in the flocculation of mature fine tailings. J Environmental Engineering, ASCE. 138 (2012) 129-136. DOI 10.1061/(ASCE)EE.1943-7870.0000457

  3. Demoz, A, Mikula, RJ, A thermometric indicator method as a replacement for the filter paper spot test in the titration of clays using methylene blue, Engineering Geology, 117(2011) 12-16, DOI: 10.106/J.enggeo.2010.09.016
  4. Demoz, A. Improving the solid bowl decanter centrifuge efficiency by preconditioning of feed. (in preparation)

Research facility

1 Oil Patch Drive
Devon, AB T9G 1A8