Alain Robichaud

Air quality research meteorologist - R&D in assimilation/data fusion chemical observation into models

Current research and/or projects

Developing chemical and air quality data assimilation systems to improve air quality / chemical forecast and analysis.

  • Provides expertise and scientific support to research scientists in meteorology, environment, data assimilation, data acquisition and model verification
  • Study of the impact of assimilating satellite and ground-based environmental data (MIPAS/ENVISAT, MOPITT/TERRA, AIRNOW) into atmospheric models
  • Scientific diagnoses and verification of chemical models and related assimilation systems
  • Modelling of gas dry deposition for atmospheric models
  • Exchange stratosphere-troposphere of ozone and related tracers
  • Produce re-analyses for surface regional pollutants

Professional activities / interests

Multi-disciplinary experience in atmospheric environment. 5 years experience in operational weather forecasting, 10 years in research (mostly air quality studies and chemical data assimilation) and 5 years in projects related to the environment (hydrology, climate change, pollen forecasting)

Developed gas dry deposition module for air quality operational model (CHRONOS and GEM-MACH)

Developed numerous verification tools for air quality/chemical models and assimilation systems

Developed a prototype of objective analysis maps for surface ozone and PM2.5 (fine particles) for CHRONOS and GEM-MACH air quality models.

Education and awards

PHD studies McGill University 1987-1990

M.Sc. Meteorology, McGill University, Montreal 1984-1987

B.Eng. Physics Engineering, École Polytechnique, Montreal

FCAR fellowship (PHD studies, 1987), Atmospheric Environment Service Fellowship (PHD studies, 1988-1990), Award for the 4th best overall business plan and the first prize for scientific business plan University LAVAL (1997)

Key publications

A. Robichaud, R. Ménard, S. Chabrillat, J. de Grandpré, Y. J. Rochon, Y. Yang, and C. Charette.
2010. Impact of energetic particle precipitation on stratospheric polar constituents: an ssessment using monitoring and assimilation of operational MIPAS data. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 1739-1757, 2010.

de Grandpré, J., R. Ménard, Y. J. Rochon, C. Charette, S. Chabrillat, A. Robichaud, 2009: Radiative Impact of Ozone on Temperature Predictability in a Coupled Chemistry–Dynamics Data Assimilation System. Mon. Wea. Rev., 137, 679–692.

Ménard R., P. Gauthier, J. de Grandpré and A. Robichaud, et al. 2007. Coupled chemical-dynamical data assimilation. ESA/ESTEC Contract No. 18560/04/NL/FF Draft FINAL REPORT - V2.0, June 2007.

Robichaud, A., J. de Grandpré and R. Ménard. 2006. A case study of a remarkable tropopause folding over Eastern North America on March 14-15 2006. Internal Report, Environment Canada 44 pages.

Ménard R. and A. Robichaud, 2005. The Chemistry-Forecast System at the Meteorological Service of Canada. pp. 297-308. ECMWF Annual Seminars.

Robichaud, A., R. Drolet, 1998. Les fluctuations des niveaux d'eau du Saint-Laurent. L'état du Saint-Laurent. Rapport technique. Environnement Canada. 170 pp + annexes.

Robichaud A., 1992. Concentrations d'ozone sur le Québec méridional de 1989 à 1991. In 'La pollution atmosphérique par l'ozone au Québec". Aspects de la problématique. Ministère de l'Environnement du Québec, Août 1992, pp. 41-59.