Alain Pietroniro, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Research Scientist - Hydrologist

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada’s Hydrology Research Program

  • Research focus on implementation and design of hydrologic models and model components for applications development within the department
  • Coupled atmospheric-hydrological modeling for climate change and land-use change assessments on major drainage basins in Canada as well as couple numerical weather prediction models for flood forecasting and extreme event analysis
  • Geomatics (remote sensing and GIS) applications for Hydrology
  • Other projects included improving glacier runoff modeling using remote sensing, dissolved oxygen modeling in ice covered rivers, and improved hydrologic modeling of permafrost basins.
  • Major research focus on environmental remote sensing

Professional activities / interests

Canadian Delegate to the WMO Commission on Hydrology

President - International Association of Hydrological Sciences - Commission on Remote Sensing

Thesis Supervisor for 3 Ph.D. and 2 M.Sc. students, as well as 1 post-doctoral fellow via Adjunct Professorship with the Agricultural and bioresources engineering at the University of Saskatchewan

Registered professional engineer in the Province of Saskatchewan

Education and awards

Graduated with Distinction from Agricultural Engineering program at McGill University

Departmental scholarships, University of Waterloo, Department of Civil Engineering

Citation of Excellence, Department of Environment

Key publications

Duguay, C. and A. Pietroniro (Ed.). 2005. Remote Sensing in Northern Hydrology: Measuring Environmental Change, Geophysical Monograph Series. Volume 163, 150 pp, AGU, Washington.

Pietroniro, A., V. Fortin, N. Kouwen, C. Neal, R. Turcotte, B. Davison, D. Verseghy, E. D. Soulis, R. Caldwell, N. Evora and P. Pellerin. 2006. Using the MESH Modelling System for Hydrological Ensemble Forecasting of the Laurentian Great Lakes at the Regional Scale. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions. 3: 2473-2521.

Pietroniro, A., R. Leconte, B. Toth, D. Peters, M. Conly and T. Prowse. 2006. Modelling Climate Change Impacts in The Peace and Athabasca Catchment and Delta: III - Integrated Model Assessment. Hydrological Processes. 20(19):4231-4235.

Toth, B., A. Pietroniro, F. M. Conly and N. Kouwen. 2006. Modelling Climate Change Impacts in The Peace and Athabasca Catchment and Delta: I - Hydrological Model Application. Hydrological Processes. 20(19):4197-4214.

Pohl, S., P. Marsh and A. Pietroniro. 2006. Spatial - Temporal Variability in Solar Radiation during Spring Snowmelt. Nordic Hydrology. 37:1-19.

Pietroniro, A. and R. Leconte. 2005. A review of Canadian Remote Sensing and Hydrology, 1999-2003. Hydrological Processes. 19(1):285-301.

Research facility

11 Innovation Blvd.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 3H5


Adjunct Professor, Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan

Adjunct professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo

Associate Faculty, Department of Environmental Biology, University of Guelph