Aaron J. Glenn, Ph.D.

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Research Scientist

Dr. Glenn’s micrometeorological research directly addresses the Science and Technology Branch science sector strategy on Agroecosystem Resilience which aims to develop knowledge and tools that support sector adaptation to environmental impacts of agricultural production and reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint. His research also responds to the strategic objective of enhancing environmental performance across many agricultural commodity portfolios (e.g. cereals & grains, oilseeds, beef & forage) as it takes place in the context of multi-year temporal and farm-level spatial scales which include a range of crop rotations and integrated crop-livestock production systems.


Current research and/or projects

  • Cropland evapotranspiration and water balance

  • Cropland greenhouse gas fluxes and budgets

  • Methane emissions from a hog barn lagoon

  • Impact of crop residue and soil management on soybean emergence and early season growth

  • Impact of weather and climate on crop production on the Canadian Prairies  

Professional activities / interests

  • Micrometeorology in Agricultural and Wetland Ecosystems

  • Agricultural Meteorology

  • Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Fluxes

  • Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon and Nitrogen

Education and awards

Ph.D., Soil Science, University of Manitoba 

M.Sc., Biological Sciences, University of Lethbridge

B.Sc., Plant Biology (Hons.), University of Alberta


Key publications

  1. Glenn, A.J. and Wilson, H.F. (2015). "Net biome productivity of cropland in southern Manitoba. Presentation.", 2015 Canadian Land Reclamation Association/Manitoba Soil Science Society Joint Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, June 15-18, 2015.

    2015 - View publication details

  2. Roy, A., Glenn, A.J., Moulin, A.P., and Wilson, H.F. (2015). "Soil nitrous oxide emissions from cropland with different management.", 2015 Canadian Land Reclamation Association/Manitoba Soil Science Society Joint Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, June 15-18, 2015.

    2015 - View publication details

  3. Glenn, A.J., Roy, A., Moulin, A.P., and Wilson, H.F. (2015). "Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Cropland Soils with Different Management Regimes in Manitoba, Canada.", American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, Montreal, QC, Canada, May 3-7, 2015. (Poster)

    2015 - View publication details

  4. Martel, M., Kröbel, R., Hrapovic, L., Janzen, H.H., McConkey, B.G., Glenn, A.J., and Wilson, H.F. (2015). "A Canadian water budget model for water footprint assessment of crop production.", Canadian Soil Science Society (IUSS-CSSS-AQSSS) Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada, July 5-10, 2015. (Poster)

    2015 - View publication details

  5. Cardillo, M.J., Bullock, P., Gulden, R., Glenn, A., Cutforth, H. (2015). Stubble management effects on canola performance across different climatic regions of western Canada, 95(1), 149-159. http://dx.doi.org/10.4141/CJPS-2014-172

    2015 - View publication details

  6. Glenn, A.J. and Moulin, A.P. (2014). "Nitrous oxide flux from a clay loam under mature no-till and variable rate N fertilizer management in western Manitoba.", 57th Annual Manitoba Soil Science Society Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, February 6-7, 2014. (Poster)

    2014 - View publication details

  7. Glenn, A.J. and Wilson, H.F. (2014). "Direct and indirect measurements of evapotranspiration from cropland in western Manitoba, Canada.", 31st Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology/2nd Conference on Atmospheric Biogeosciences, Portland, OR, USA, May 12-15, 2014.

    2014 - View publication details

  8. Wilson, H.F. and Glenn, A.J. (2014). "Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus chemistry and export in agricultural watershed of the aspen parkland ecoregion as influenced by land use and landform.", Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA, May 18-23, 2014.

    2014 - View publication details

  9. Cardillo, M.J., Bullock, P.R., Gulden, R.H., and Glenn, A.J. (2014). "Stubble Management Effects on Canola Performance Across Different Climatic Regions of Western Canada.", ASA, CSSA and SSSA International Annual Meeting 2014, Long Beach, CA, USA, November 2-5, 2014.

    2014 - View publication details

  10. Moulin, A.P., Glenn, A., Tenuta, M., Lobb, D.A., Dunmola, A.S., Yapa, P. (2014). Alternative transformations of nitrous oxide soil flux data to normal distributions, 94(1), 105-108. http://dx.doi.org/10.4141/CJSS2013-008

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Research facility

2701 Grand Valley Road, P.O. Box 1000A
Brandon, MB R7A 5Y3


  • Adjunct Professor, Brandon University

  • Adjunct Professor, University of Manitoba

  • Past-president, Canadian Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

  • Past-president, Manitoba Soil Science Society

  • Member, American Meteorological Society

  • Member, Canadian Society of Soil Science