Biovigilance: A Modern Approach to Plant Pest Management (Vision Statement)


Makela, K., et al. (2021). Biovigilance: A Modern Approach to Plant Pest Management (Vision Statement), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Science and Technology Branch: 29 pp.

Résumé en langage clair

This evergreen document aims to develop a future vision with specific goals for the integration of the Biovigilance Approach within AAFC’s Science and Technology Branch (STB). Given the complementary mandates of AAFC and the CFIA for plant health, representatives from CFIA were invited to participate in the working group to ensure alignment. The goal of the National Biovigilance Working Group was to develop options and recommendations on how to integrate biovigilance as part of STB’s Plant Health activities and promote a gradual shift toward a National approach. This document outlines the collective vision developed by the NBWG and will serve as a roadmap that underlines the goals and the path forward for AAFC in efforts to embrace biovigilance as an innovative, forward-looking and comprehensive approach to pest management research.