Dr. Duo Yang

Modélisation climatique Scientist

Recherche et / ou projets en cours

Development and application of climate models

  • Ocean, sea ice and coupled modelling with focus on NEMO-LIM2 and NEMO-CICE
  • Execution of earth system model (CanESM) and diagnostics for MIP applications

Prix et études

B.Sc Meteorology, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, China

M.Sc Climatology, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, China

Ph.D Physical Oceanography, University of Alberta, Canada

Principales publications

Saenko, O.A., F. dupont, D. Yang, P. G. Myers, I. Yashayaev, and G. C. Smith. 2014. Role of resolved and parameterized eddies in the Labrador Sea balance of heat and buoyancy. Journal of Physical Oceanography. 44: 3008–3032.

Yang, D. and O. A. Saenko. 2012. Ocean heat transport and its projected change in CanESM2. Journal of Climate, 25: 8148-8163.

Yang, D., H. Ritchie, S. Desjardins, G. Pearson, A. Macafee and I. Gultepe. 2010. High-resolution GEM-LAM application in marine fog Prediction: evaluation and diagnosis. Weather and Forecasting. 25: 727-748.

Yang, D. and P. G., Myers. 2007. Impact of extended NAO buoyancy forcing on the sub-polar North Atlantic and climatic variability over the last milenium. Paleoceanography. 22, PA3104, doi:10.1029/2007PA001439.

Yang, D., P. G., Myers and A. B. G. Bush. 2006. Sensitivity of the subpolar North Atlantic to Last Glacial Maximum surface forcing and sea ice distribution in an eddy-permitting regional ocean model. Paleoceanography. 21, PA2013, doi:10.1029/2005PA001209.

Installation de recherche

3800, la route Finnerty
Victoria, BC V8W 3R4