Kathleen Lombardi

Image Kathleen Lombardi
Research Engineer

I began working with Natural Resources Canada upon completion of my undergraduate degree in 2005. I conduct experiments in both laboratory and real home environments to evaluate the efficiency and emissions of various innovative energy systems for use in Canadian homes. I also develop simulation models to predict performance, greenhouse gas reduction potential, and economic benefit of hybrid residential energy systems. My work in this domain includes grid impact analyses, which has recently led me to contribute to electric vehicle studies.

Current research and/or projects

  • smart energy network
  • electric vehicle battery degradation
  • renewables in Northern communities
  • micro-cogeneration

Professional activities / interests

  • Participation in International Energy Agency activities
  • Supervise undergraduate student
  • Collaborate with utilities, universities, municipal and other federal government departments

Education and awards


M. A. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Dalhousie University, 2008

B. Eng. in Aerospace Engineering, Carleton University, 2005


Innovation and Energy Technology Sector award for Collaboration, 2009


International experience and/or work

I have contributed to the IEA - Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems Annex 42: The Simulation of Building-Integrated Fuel Cell and Other Cogeneration Systems (COGEN-SIM)

Key publications

K. Lombardi, W. Yaïci, E. Entchev (2018). Performance and Emissions Evaluation of an EnerTwin Micro Gas Turbine Combined Heat and Power System. Independent third party test report prepared for Union Gas Limited (An Enbridge Company).

M. Sasso, E. Entchev, P. Tzscheutschler [ed] (2014). Synthesis Report on the Viability of Micro-Generation Systems in Different Operational Contexts. An IEA Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme Annex 54 Report.

H. Ribberink, K. Lombardi, L. Yang, E. Entchev (2013). Investigation of a hybrid renewable–microgeneration energy system for power and thermal generation with reduced emissions. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy. 227(1):62-72

W. Yaïci, E. Entchev, K. Lombardi (2012). Experimental and Simulation Study on a Solar Domestic Hot Water System with Flat-Plate Collectors for the Canadian Climatic Conditions. Proceedings from ASME 2012 6th International Conference on Energy Sustainability.

K. Lombardi, V.I. Ugursal, I. Beausoleil-Morrison (2010). Proposed improvements to a model for characterizing the electrical and thermal energy performance of Stirling engine micro-cogeneration devices based upon experimental observations. Journal of Applied Energy 87(10):3271-3282.

Research facility

1 Haanel Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 1M1