Brian N. Mills

Image Brian Mills
Research Scientist

My role is to develop new knowledge by refining and applying social and interdisciplinary scientific methods and theories to better understand, explain, quantify and qualify: 1) the environmental, social and economic impacts of weather, climate, and anthropogenic climate change; and 2) the value and influence of weather-related prediction information (e.g., warnings, forecasts) on risk decisions, behaviour and outcomes.

Education and awards

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Geography, University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Environmental Studies (B.E.S.), Honours Co-operative Geography, University of Waterloo


Key publications

Lazo, J.K. and B. Mills, 2021. Weather-Water-Climate Value Chain(s): Giving VOICE to the Characterization of the Economic Benefits of Hydro-Met Services and Products. An AMS Policy Program Study. The American Meteorological Society, Washington, D.C.

Mills, B., 2020. An updated assessment of lightning-related fatality and injury risk in Canada: 2002-17, Natural Hazards, 102(3):997-1009.


Mills, B., J. Andrey, S. Doherty, B. Doberstein, and J. Yessis, 2020. Winter storms and fall-related injuries: Is it safer to walk than to drive?, Weather, Climate & Society 12(3):421-434.


Mills, B., J. Andrey, B. Doberstein, S. Doherty, and J. Yessis, 2019. Changing patterns of motor vehicle collision risk during winter storms: A new look at a pervasive problem, Accident Analysis & Prevention, 127, 186-197.


Zhang, Q., L. Li, B. Ebert, B. Golding, D. Johnston, B. Mills, S. Panchuk, S. Potter, M. Riemer, J. Sun, A. Taylor, S. Jones, P. Ruti, and J. Keller, 2019. Increasing the value of weather-related warnings, Science Bulletin, 64(10):647-649.


Robbins J.C., C. Cunningham, R. Dankers, M. DeGennaro, G. Dolif, R. Duell, V. Marchezini, B. Mills, J.P. Sarmiento, A. Silver, R. Trajber, and A. Watkins, 2019. Communication and dissemination of forecasts and engaging user communities, Chapter 19 In:  A.W. Robertson and F. Vitart (eds.), Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction: The Gap Between Weather and Climate Forecasting. Elsevier, Cambridge, USA.


[WMO 2015] Anderson, G., J. Carson, J. Clements, G. Fleming, T. Frei, H. Kootval, D. Kull, J. Lazo, D. Letson, B. Mills, A. Perrels, C. Vaughan, and J. Zillman, 2015. Valuing Weather and Climate: Economic Assessment of Meteorological and Hydrological Services. World Meteorological Organization, The World Bank, and Climate Services Partnership. Geneva. WMO No. 1153.


Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo (Nov 2021-Dec 2024)

Co-lead, Risk, Impact and Vulnerability Task Team, High Impact Weather (HIWeather) Project, World Weather Research Programme (WWRP), World Meteorological Organization (WMO) (2017-present)

Member, Waterloo Climate Institute (formerly: Interdisciplinary Centre for Climate Change or IC3), University of Waterloo (2009-present)

Member, International review panel, Renewal of the Hans Ertel Centre for Weather Research (DWD, German Weather Service) (2012, 2014, 2018, 2023)